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An alloy is a material having metallic properties synthesized by a certain method from two or more metals and metals or nonmetals. Generally obtained by melting a homogeneous liquid and solidifying. According to the number of constituent elements, it can be divided into binary alloys, ternary alloys and multicomponent alloys.
The structure and properties of the constituent phases of the alloy play a decisive role in the properties of the alloy. At the same time, the change of the alloy structure, ie the relative amount of phases in the alloy, the grain size, shape and distribution of the phases, also affect the properties of the alloy. Great influence. Therefore, the use of a combination of various elements to form a variety of different alloy phases, and then appropriate treatment may meet a variety of different performance requirements.
Alloy's generality
All types of alloys have the following general characteristics:
(1) Most alloys have a melting point lower than the melting point of any of the constituent metals;
(2) The hardness is generally greater than the hardness of any of the components; (Special case: the sodium-potassium alloy is liquid, used as a thermal conductive agent in the atomic reactor)
(3) The electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of the alloy are lower than those of any component. With this property of the alloy, high resistance and high thermal resistance materials can be produced. It is also possible to manufacture materials with special properties.
(4) Some have strong corrosion resistance (such as stainless steel), such as 15% chromium and 9% nickel in iron to obtain a corrosion-resistant stainless steel, suitable for chemical industry.
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