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Germanium is a good semiconductor, which can be used for high-frequency current detection and AC rectification. In addition, it can be used for infrared light materials, precision instruments, and catalysts. Bismuth compounds can be used to make fluorescent plates and various high refractive index glasses.
Because cockroaches are very scattered, refining is difficult. The source of the bismuth is usually processed by processing non-ferrous metal ore, by-products obtained, and ash from certain coal combustion. Waste materials from the metallurgical industry, especially zinc ash from calcined zinc ore, as well as coal ash, flue ash, etc., can be used as raw materials for the extraction.
Effects on the human body
1. Activate bioelectric current, promote blood circulation, improve and prevent physical discomfort.
2. Protect red blood cells against external rays and protect them from damage.
3. Metabolism, immunity restore and improve the body's natural healing power.
4. Anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.
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