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The chemical properties of bismuth are very similar to those of zirconium. They have good corrosion resistance, are not easily attacked by common aqueous acid and alkali solutions, and are easily soluble in hydrofluoric acid to form fluorinated complexes. At high temperatures, helium can also be directly combined with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen to form oxides and nitrides.
It is useful because it is easy to emit electrons (such as filaments used as incandescent lamps). Used as a cathode for an X-ray tube, an alloy of tantalum and tungsten or molybdenum is used as an electrode of a high voltage discharge tube. Often used as a cathode and tungsten wire manufacturing industry for X-rays. Pure tantalum has plasticity, easy processing, high temperature and corrosion resistance, and is an important material in the atomic energy industry. The thermal neutron capture cross section of the crucible is an ideal neutron absorber, which can be used as a control rod and protection device for the atomic reactor. Tantalum powder can be used as a rocket propeller.
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